The Nitty Gritty of Leadership

Leadership according to John C. Maxwell is simply influence. Leadership gives influence, and influence is the ability to have an effect in the lifestyle, behavior and character of a person irrespective of race, tribe or social strata.

The force of leadership cannot be stopped. A leader must be willing to do what it takes to ensure the survival and success of what he truly believes. True leadership gives you the capacity to walk extra miles irrespective of how hard and challenging your journey might be, just for the sole aim of achieving a set goal.

Who is a Leader?

Size or strength isn’t an indices for one to become or be called a leader. It is easy to become a leader who leads with confidence and flamboyance when you become what you teach as a leader. Being a guinea pig for the world to admire is becoming to the world what you speak, the message you bring, the inspiration you let out.

Oppression is the most noticeable form of weakness and insecurity. When you oppress a man, it’s not a sign of strength, or authority, but a public display of weakness and insecurity. Having a countenance that makes men become uncomfortable being around you isn’t a good quality of a worthy leader, as a leader you must have the capacity to keep yourself on check, to ensure you don’t oppress your followers or become an autocratic leader out of ignorance.

Qualities of a Leader

Let your actions and expressions create positive impressions in the hearts of men, capable of influencing them positively. You are meant to rule resources and lead men, you rule resources by principles, and lead men by inspiration. You’ll be abusing creation and your office as a leader when you decide to rule over men. When you stop leading men and start to rule over men you become disqualified from being a leader.

Service and following builds the capacity to lead. When you follow and serve you learn not just how to serve, but also how to lead from a servant’s standpoint, if you do your homework. Serving is necessary if you must be a leader with excellence and influence. If you are serving, serve with a difference, serve with purpose that makes a great leader.

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The Price for Leadership.

There’s a price for every Leadership, the first price is your willingness and ability to give. You must have the will to give and also the ability to give, having just the will isn’t enough, as a leader you must have what to give. You are a leader, you must be willing and able to give your time for the growth of those around, you must be willing and able to give your resources if need be, you must be willing and able to give your strength for the progress of your cause. Leadership isn’t about acquiring things in the disguise of a leader, but the willingness to give and contribute to the lives of your followers.

Leading from a position isn’t actually leading from a “position” as it were but taking the statue, and commanding influence, growth and change as a leader should. Everyone has the capacity to lead, but not everyone will lead. Until you come to terms with the truth that you actually have the right to lead and that you can lead, you’ll never attain any form of leadership. You need to know it, you need to understand what leadership means then believe you can lead.


Leadership is a form of relationship that aims at taking the followers to a higher and a better paradigm, in all aspects of life as possible. Keep positive relationships that would grow you sincerely, make you better, and influence your character.

As a leader, if you take your position as a joke, you’ll be regarded by your followers as a joke as well. Do you desire to someday become a leader with influence? Serve. Do you desire to lead with intelligence, excellence, integrity and competence? Serve. Service is the shortest route to having leadership influence, sincere service births influence and relevance.

Be intrinsically valuable as a leader, be disciplined, be honorable, be distinguished, be unique, don’t be defined by your office as a leader, but let who you are, what you do and the way you do what you do, define and represent your position and statue as a leader, not the other way around. A leader is made by service.

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