Firstly, growth is not an increase in size, although growth can express itself sometimes in size. What then is Growth?

Growth is an Enhanced Structure

What do I mean by enhanced structure?

Anything with a potential for sustainability must have a structure. For anything to grow, the structure must be improved. Anything without a structure is suicidal. Growth therefore is an improved structure. Remember that anything with a structure is worthy of your investment

Growth is a Type of Change

For anything to grow it must change, but change is not growth. That something is changing doesn’t mean it is growing. Every part of a man’s life, is subject to change. But not every time change occurs reflects growth.

Change is a catalyst for growth, but change is not necessarily Growth. It is risky to have your lif changing, and not really growing.

Growth is a Proof of Life

Anything that has life should grow. Structure is a proof of life. Anything that is not growing is lifeless. Life is an essential variant for growth.

Any Part of You that is not Growing is a Threat to You

Any part of your life that is worth investing in and is not growing is a threat to every YOU. If you are lacking Growth in one aspect of your life, it has the capacity to alter and become a threat to every part of you that is growing.


Growth is in a form of a loop, with a predictable rhythm.

We have four (4) visible phases in the cycle of growth;

  1. Survival (struggle)

Life naturally always begins with a form of struggle. For a normal growth process, you can never omit survival stage. In this stage small is big! Learn to celebrate the small. In this stage, healthy failure is allowed.

In this phase, persistence is more important than skills! Strength is more important than strategy! Because until you are persistent, your skill will mean nothing. Until strength prevails strategy, strategy becomes meaningless.

  • Adapt (Stabilize)

Adaptation is where the real growth process is activated. If your growth is really true, your survival must birth adaptation. Adaptation is the prime way to conquer change. Adaptation is the womb of growth, and success! For success and growth to be achieved, you must learn to adapt.

In this stage, when you are adapting, Strategy becomes more important than strength. Skills overrides persistent and also, competence is as important as commitment. Learn the skill of adaptation. For true success is birth by adaptation.

  • Excel (succeed)

After you adapt success is expected. If you truly learn from the stage of adapting, you are expected to succeed. This is the stage of enjoying rest. This is also a stage for preparation. Every success stage is a preparation for the next success. Every season of success, is a period to fortify, for another survival is coming.

  • Outgrow (Stale)

Out growing is not bad, but refusal to acknowledge that you have outgrown, is dangerous. If you dwell and stay too long on this phase, there is a high tendency of you becoming stale. It is dangerous to remain in a place you have out grown.

You must also understand your season of outgrowing. When you are in your season of outgrowing;

  • Success Becomes Stale
  • Big is Small
  • You exhaust your room for growth
  • You are living too long in the comfort zone
  • It is the phase where you project and begin to stretch

This is the phase where you reset your life and then enter a new and upgraded season of struggle

Key Notes

Every single time you survive you must adapt and for every time you adapt you must Excel and then again out grow

“Never stop growing because the moment you stop growing you start dying”

Invest in your growth

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