Understanding the Mystery of Dreams

“I want to be a princess and live in a big castle, like Barbie, when I grow up!”

It was the twentieth career choice little Ami had come up with after the career talk they had in school six days ago.

Amazing right?

Somehow like Ami, we’ve all had dreams of who we wanted to be like and even how our future would be.

We have painted big pictures in our minds of what we want our tomorrow to be.

Oxford’s Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines dreams as a wish to have or become something, especially one that seems difficult to achieve.

You might want to think about this simple definition. Even the dictionary believes dreams should be big, so why else should they be difficult to achieve?

Dr. Martin Luther, in 1963 spoke about his dream and was referenced later by Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, 1963

Shortly after that proclamation, he was assassinated. But this never stopped his dream or vision from becoming a reality; Barack Obama in 2008 became the first black president ever in the United States of America.

A friend made a post on Facebook a few days ago, and it read, “as long as you conceived the thought, then it is possible because impossible things are not thought about.”

It might sound hyperbolic, but it’s the truth, depending on how big your mind is. You see, things you look at today as normal were impossible some years ago.

Amazing right?

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My one-time favorite Bible character, Joseph, was a dreamer.

I will give you a little background story, so you will see what “impossible” mean.

He was the eleventh son out of twelve sons (insignificant figure). His mother was the loved wife whose womb had been closed for many years. Consider the fact that she was in a constant battle with her big sister, a struggle for the same husband’s love and attention.

You might want to overlook his birth circumstances and maybe his insignificance and console yourself with, “but he was his father’s favorite.”

That might be true, but what possibly could his father give him apart from his coat of many colors? His brothers were in charge of his father’s riches “flock of sheep” (ordinary herdsmen).

This entire impossible situation did not stop little Joseph from dreaming big. He didn’t dream and keep quiet (this will mean he didn’t believe the possibility); he shared his dreams.

Yeah, he saw the possibilities.

  1. What dreams have you had in the past?
  2. How feasible are they?
  3. Okay, let’s make these questions more relatable.
  4. What dreams did you have as a child?
  5. What dreams did you have a year ago?
  6. Do you still believe in them?
  7. Are you still looking at them as a guide? (or you have moved on?)

It would help if you remembered that dreams are one of the only free things you can have in life. You can dream as much as you want, and nobody will charge you. Your dreams do not have to be the “normal” dreams you see everyone around having.

Thomas Edison, in 1879 didn’t dream the normal dreams else he wouldn’t have created the light bulb, especially after 1000 failed attempts.

Ben Carson wrote a book and titled it “Dream Big”. It’s all adding up fast and it is getting more interesting.

The best neurosurgeon in the world?

Shouldn’t he be shouting, “dream not, study and be the best you can be; dreams are for the lazy?” There is a hidden message; you can’t go anywhere if you can’t see where you want to go.

Joseph didn’t just dream, believed the possibility, and magically swished swooshed a wand, and booya became Egypt’s prime minister. Oh no, it took more than that.

There was a process. A painful process of hard work in the house of Potipher. What about days of talking to himself about upholding his virtues and refusing to break trust. Hmmm, the days of pain in the dungeon for an offense he didn’t commit. Even in prison, he was found faithful.

Dreams are made true by process and thorough training.

You need to see the big picture and walk hard towards it.

Each day is a day closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Set daily goals and attack them like bits of a puzzle. The more you arrange them, the more the picture becomes clearer.

Gold is not gold until it passes through fire. Fire can never be cool, not even to gold. It burns but at the same time, it makes.

Hold unto your dreams as you hold on to God, and with time, He will reveal your gold.

Dreams come true; true magic happens when you believe in yourself.

I will end with the words of a mentor,

“Your dream needs your cooperation to Happen. If you are still sleeping, you will die a dreamer. Dreams are possibilities revealed to our minds”

Elisha Mamman.

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