About Us

The Winning Mindset with Elisha Mamman is a platform committed to inspiring possibilities in individuals to achieve great results, break limitations and birth dreams through intentional living.

We do this through our monthly event where we teach principles that are timely and yet timeless for transformation and growth.

The winning mindset started in January 2017 and became public in September 2017.
We saw people struggle through life due to a lack of proper understanding and application of the principles of success and we are working to
bridge this gap.

Over the past 2 years, we have grown to reach over 600 youths monthly with an
online community of over 6000 people.

We believe that behavior is a major determinant of results and every individual has the ability to create the future he desires.
We also believe that success is first mental before physical, and personal responsibility and development are essential for sustainable success.


To inspire 1,000,000 youths to live intentionally and pursue a worthy dream.


To inspire possibilities, initiate dreams and birth realities in lives by providing information that is timeless, timely and tested for achieving success and personal transformation.


Fii Stephen

Team Lead

Peter Bassey

Asst. Team Lead, Zaria

Messiah Nwadiogor

Asst. Team Lead, Abuja

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